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Highly recommend!

Such a good, gentle cleanser it smells great too! Packaging was lovely I’m so happy with my purchase ☺️

Great quality

Such good quality so soft to use on the eyes. Came in lovely packaging and arrived so quick in the mail, overall 10/10 experience 💗

Very convenient

Very good product i'm happy with!

Love it!

Perfect size, not too big. Holds charge well. Very happy with my mister


Loved the lash glue remover cream!! My lash came off instantly after letting the cream sit on my lash for about 5mins. So happy with the product. Its not liquidity so it was easy to apply and not messy at all. Worth spending money on!

Perfect size and easy to use

good cleanser

removes access makeup and build up, leaving lashes fresh and fluffy

Ultra Hold adhesive

I’ve been lashing for 5 years and this is the best glue I have used!

Lash Air Blower
Shirley T.
Perfect for my alcohol ink painting

Service was excellent and did appreciate the gift 5 stars ⭐️

Great product

Great for sensitive eyes

Absolutely love it!

Amazing product, doesn’t sting your eyes majorly if it seeps through a little bit while cleaning !

Lash glue

Absolutely wonderful to work with ...and lashes stay on great!!!!

Luxury Lashes - C Curl

Awesome quality.

good quality

very soft and gentle on eyes


Great product and seriously good service rural delivery in 2 days…. Just about unheard of !!!!

Lash Air Blower
Mereana R.
Very good!!

My order arrived very fast. Easy to use products. Loved it

Foam Cleanser

A beautiful product that has a gorgeous scent to it

Foaming Lash Cleanser - 60ml

My lashes o order were amazing they have given all my clients a great turn out with there sets of lashes


Very good so easy to use!!

Recommend to all

It is easy to remove the lashes using this product so handy as well.

excellent remover

super efficient, works super quick


I love them!! So easy to use :)