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Perfect for the eyes

Love using this! Find that it makes my application a lot quicker and retention is so good

Great product

Does a great job

7D Pre Made Volume Fans

This are use. Nice and fluffy give a.nice.volume effect. Love the pointed end, classy.

10D Fans

Lovely product nice effects.

removed so easily

Amazing product and service

Thrilled with my purchase of the 'Lash Glue Remover Gel' from Beauti. Not only did the product work wonders, but I was also impressed by the lightning-fast shipping. Highly recommend this product for its effectiveness and the excellent service provided :). p.s keep sending those Whittakers, always love a surprise ;)

Save the little lashes you have 🤣

Amazing consistency, sticky and tacking… perfect for getting that one lash that is feeling down 😂 a true life saver for what little real lashes that I still have hehe. It’s a must have especially if you get your lashes done regularly.

My go too

Amazing glue
I work in a garage so my temp and humidity is always at up and down continuously especially with this nz weather
Just follow the instruction on recommendation for best use

Best ones I’ve used

I’ve never been fused with alcohol pads I’ve always just your standard alcohol pads which are the same packaging but these ones they and bigger thicker and smell like alcohol pads and not cheap chemicals
Thank u for making me realise good quality alcohol pads

Ultra Hold Eyelash Extension Adhesive- 10ml

Loveeeeee this Adhesive so much, its by far the best one ives purchased my clients don’t get stingy/watery eyes during or after my service x

Cute and functional

Just like me 💁🏼‍♀️💖

this glue is so awesome only took 2 days to come in! it sticks so well ill be order more from here im sick of other brands lying about there glue its so bad. but yours is the best! and thank you for the chocolate!

Mini fan extremely good

Highly recommend this fan the power input is better than the old one have more air circulation dry time is very fast thank you

Enjoying new 3D fans

Really enjoying the new 3D fans. They are much tighter and give a fuller end result! Really enjoying them.

Super Bonder

Excellent product. Retention has improved!!!

Works perfectly

Thanks a great bottle at a great price

Mini Fan - USB Rechargeable

3d lashes

Completely love the lashes. Super happy with my purchase.

Good quality

Great products

My Go too!!!!

Love them!! 2nd time purchasing and i will probably stick to these. Never have complaints only complements. Love them!!!!

Easy to use, small bit goes a long way! Definitely recommend


This changed my lash wash routine for the best!!! No more trying to tilt my head to pour water from my lash wash lid! 100% easier and quicker to wash.

Eyelash tweezer glue

I was recommended this product from a lash artist and I am happy with the purchase. The company also added 2 gel pads to try out and I’m glad they did because I’ll be purchasing them aswell i noticed they don’t move around and they’re super easy to use especially if your starting out but these have officially become my long term use you can tell with the quality aswell perfect!

It's not just for blowing lashes

A great little air blower that's perfect for working on watches too