Lash Extension Cleaning Kit

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Clean Your Eyelash Extensions at Home With Our Lash Cleaning Kit.

You've just invested $$$ in your lash extensions and they look FAB!

But how do you keep them looking amazing AND lasting as long as possible?

How to keep your natural lashes clean and healthy without damaging those eyelash extensions?

We've got you sorted with this Lash Extension Cleansing Kit which includes:

  • Foaming Lash Extension Cleanser 60ml
    Our unique formula is designed to gently cleaning your eyelash extensions without stinging or burning. Oil free which means no greasy feel after washing. Delicate rose scent.

  • Lash Shampoo Cleaning Brush
    Soft bristles
    gently whisk away dirt and makeup without snagging on eyelash extensions. Handy hanging cord keeps your lash brush clean while it dries.

  • Cleaning Brush Storage Tube
    cardboard tube keeps your shampoo brush clean and hygienic. Perfect for carrying in your hand bag or makeup bag.


How to Clean Your Lash Extensions at Home:

  1. Wait at least 24 hours after your lash appointment before using the foaming lash shampoo.
  2. Apply 1-2 pumps onto the lash shampoo cleaning brush then gently brush downwards through the lashes.
  3. After you've finished cleansing your lashes, thoroughly rinse your lashes with clean water (it's easiest in the shower).
  4. Repeat every few days to keep your lash extensions in top shape.

Bottle size: 60ml

Note: Ensure your shampoo brush is completely dry before storing it in the storage tube.

Bulk Pricing: 
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Customer Reviews

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Tara K.
lash extension cleaning kit

love this kit!! the foam smells great, and it’s a really nice product bundle to invest in.

also got here the day after i brought it

Nikki W.
Lash extension cleaning kit

Really easy to use.. Cute package