3D SHORT STEM Pre Made Volume Fans

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See our new range of Short Stem 3D Pre Made Volume Fans.

Our short stem premade volume fans save you hours of precious time and give your clients that stunning look only volume lashes can provide.

These short stem fans feature a shorter base and a wider fan so they are even softer and fluffier looking just like a handmade volume fan.

Available in 0.10 thickness, these 3D premade volume fans require less adhesive than classic lashes.

This means minimal stress for the client’s natural lashes (when applied correctly) while still providing an eye catching, full bodied look.


  • Made from premium Korean PBT synthetic material (stronger bond, longer lasting and reduced chance of allergic reaction)
  • Fan length is printed on every strip (so you know the exact fan length at a glance while applying)
  • Fans remove easily and cleanly from strip (no sticky residue left on the fan)
  • Fast application time (so you can 'wow' more clients per day while maintaining your excellent reputation)
  • 16 Lines per tray (outstanding value for money as many leading brands are only 12 lines)
  • 320 Fans per tray (many leading brands only include between 60 and 240 fans per tray)
  • Stunning semi-gloss finish (true jet black with no blue hue)
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan Approved - No furry critters were harmed in the making of these soft and silky pre made volume fans. 

What are 3D Pre Made Volume Fans?

3D Lashes (sometimes called W Lashes) are 3 individual lashes fused together at the base that can be applied to a single natural lash to give a fuller, softer and fluffier look.

They are ideal for clients with less natural lashes, or simply used to reduce application time without compromising the finished result.

Expand your lash services and impress your clients with these premium quality Pre-Made Volume Fans.

Curl C or D
Lines 16 Lines per tray 
Thickness 0.10
Length Mixed: 8mm(1), 9mm(1), 10mm(2), 11mm(3), 12mm(4), 13mm(3), 14mm(1), 15mm(1)
Colour Black

If removing the fans is difficult, apply some gentle heat to the tray or strip using a lamp or direct sunlight.


  • DO remove lashes from strip with your tweezer tips facing towards the side of the fan. 
  • DO NOT remove lashes from strip approaching from above (as this will damage the base).
  • DO pluck the lash fan from just above the adhesive tape strip and just below where the individual lashes are joined together

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shannon S.
Love Short stem

They are great and I find the retention is far better with short stem compared to the long stem volumes :) my clients love them!

Shannyn A.
5D short stem pre mades

Loved them! So light and fluffy and convenient to get off the strip !

Wiki M.
5 D fans

Amazing quality easy to work with and apply to natural lashes. Thank you beauti for always providing amazing quality lashes

Lyston C.

Will defs use gain 😊

Short stem fans

Not my favourite to be honest, great quality but long stem sits better on the natural lash for better retention.