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These high quality face masks for lash techs help keep you healthy and germ free.

Wear while lashing to:

  • Keep nasty germs away which will reduce sick days (and lost income!)
  • Filter out dust and particles down to PM 2.5.
  • Reduce your exposure to unpleasant cyanoacrylate lash glue fumes.


  • Lightweight, soft, breathable and comfortable
  • Ergonomically designed to cover the nose and mouth
  • Fully adjustable elastic ear hoops for an excellent seal across your face
  • Perfect for new & pro lash artists - gives your clients confidence and presents a more professional image
  • Includes a replaceable PM 2.5 carbon/charcoal filter
  • Hand Washable

Note: Carbon filters only reduce exposure to adhesive fumes. We recommend using this mask in conjunction with an air purifier with a VOC filter for maximum protection against glue fumes.

Customer Reviews

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I like my face mask! I can wash and re-use, great for landfill

Shontelle W.
Face mask

Its very pretty and i like the thought of being safer while i lash

Wonderful Masks

We ordered 2 x Grey Lace masks. They are soft and breathable, with adjustable ear straps, and come with two replacement paper carbon filters which fit the shape of the mask. Each mask arrived in its own resealable bag, along with information about and even samples of eye gel and a little snack bar. AND did I mention QUICK delivery, even to a rural address? Fabulous. Just about to email to find out where we can buy replacement carbon filters. Thank you, I was impressed.

Lois-Janet F.

I actually really like it! It's my favourite atm!